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www.delhi.gov.in Govt of NCT of Delhi, India
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Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam

About Us
The State Commissioner For Persons With Disabilities
Acts/Rules and Guidelines
New Orders Subject Wise
Cause List
Accessibility of Built Environment
Equal Opportunity Policy
Grievance Redressal Officers
Schemes and facilities for Persons with Disabilities
NGOs Working for Persons with Disabilities
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Record of Proceedings
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Link to The National Portal of India

Case Title
Sh. Rahul Kaurav Vs G.B.Pant Hospital dated 13.02.2015
Sh. Teemraj Sing Vs DTC dated 13.02.2015
Sh. Sudip Das Vs Department of Social Welfare dated 13.02.2015
Sh. Mahavir Singh Vs GAD dated 13.02.2015
Smt. Suvarna Raj Vs GTB Hospital dated 13.02.2015
Sh. Jitender Khatolia Vs Delhi Police dated 13.02.2015
Ms. Meenakshi Chopra dated 27.01.2015
Dr. Ram Kisan Vs DDA
Ms.Mina Mishra Md. Siraz Ahmed Mr. Aas Mohammad dated 26.12.2014
Sh. Rameshwar Manjhi dated 23.12.2014
Sh. Jage Ram 4/590/2014-Wel./CD dated 22.12.2014
Sh. Jay Kumar 4/607/2014-Wel./CD dated 18.12.2014
Dr. N.K.Tripathi Vs MAMC 4/657/2014-Wel./CD dated 11.12.2014
Smt. Anita Devi 4/803/2014-Wel./CD dated 11.12.2014
Sh. Inder Singh 4/455/2013-Wel./CD dated 11.12.2014
Ms. Urmila Gangwar 4/683/2014-Wel./CD dated 27.11.2014
Master Ankit and Nikhil 4/572/2013-Wel./CD dated 26.11.2014
Md. Shakeel 4/712/2014-Wel./CD dated 26.11.2014
Mr. P.S.Porwal 4/627/2014-Wel./CD dated 25.11.2014
Sh. Chander Bhusan Rajput4/702/2014-Wel./CD dated 21.11.2014
Sh. Rajender Prasad 1/271/Grv./11-12/CD dated 20.11.2014
Dr. N.K.Tripathi Versus Delhio Jal Board 4/711/2014-Wel./CD dated 20.11.2014
Sh. Kamal Kant Aggarwal 4/564/2013-Wel./CD dated 20.11.2014
Dr. N.K.Tripathi Versus Revenue Department 4/711/2014-Wel./CD dated 20.11.2014
Ms. Kamlesh Batra M/o Ambika Batra 1 (319)/Grv./11-12/CD dated 18.11.2014
Nayab Jahan 4/726/2014-Wel./CD dated 12.11.2014
Sh. R.P.Yadav 4/732/2014-Wel./CD dated 22.10.2014
Dr. N.K.Tripathi 4/480/2013-Wel./CD dated 14.10.2014
Sh. Sanjiv Bali 4/601/2014-Wel./CD dated 30.09.2014
Ms. Anju Choudhury 4/708/2014-Wel./CD dated 25.09.2014
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