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Incident Code Information.

S.No. Subject Incident Code Incident Name  
1 Employment (G-II) 1011 C-Reservation in Jobs  
1012 C-Relaxation in Employment  
1013 C-Providing Job/Recommend for Job  
1014 C-Others-Employment  
1015 EOP & Discrimination  
1016 Identification of post.  
1017 GRO  
2 Service Matters(G-I) 1021 C-Promotion/Fixation of Seniority  
1022 C-Transfer/Posting.  
1023 C-Reinstatement/Deptt. Enquiry/ Harassment in service/Termination from service on the ground of disability  
1024 C-Other- Service matters/Pension/Nonpayment of arrears/Medical benefits/ Allotment of Govt. Accommodation etc.  
3 Education (G-III) 1031 Denial/Reservation/Relaxation in admission  
1032 Facilities/Infrastructure for education  
1033 C-Others-Education/Scholarship/Termination from school, Re-evaluation/Declaration of result etc.  
4 Conduct of Examination (G-III) 1040 C-Others- Conduct of examination/ Discrimination/Misbehaviour/Harassment/ Allotment of Examination Centre  
1041 C-Scribe/Extra time/Relaxation for exam  
5 Property Disputes (G-III) 1061 C-Dispute among family members for property  
1062 C-Other matter of property dispute/ Encroachment of land/property/vacation of rented flat/property  
6 Preferential Allotment (G-I) 1081 C-Allotment of Land/Flat, Petrol Pump, LPG (Violation of Sec. 37 (a) & (c))  
1082 C-Cancellation of License/Allotment  
1083 C-Other matters of preferential allotment/ License for Tehbazari, Booth, Pettyshops/ removal of shops/sealing/relocation.  
7 Benefit of Schemes (G-I) 1091 C-Reservation u/s 37 (b)  
1092 C-Non receipt of benefits under central/state Govt. Scheme  
1093 C-Others  
8 Accessibility 1101 C-Barrier in built & outside environment/ others (Barrier/Accessibility)  
1102 Denial of Banking Products and facilities, Discrimination  
1103 C-Misuse of Railway coaches/Counters other such facility for disabled.  
1104 Access in Transport  
1105 Access to Information Communication Technology/Accessible Format/others related to IT.  
1106 Accessibility in Voting.  
1107 Universally designed consumer products and accessories  
1108 Accessible public facilities and services.  
1109 other matters of accessibility.  
9 Atrocities/abuse (G-III) 1111 C-Major offences/Atrocities, Sexual Abuse, Framing under false charges  
1112 Prevention on cruelty.  
10 Disability Certificates (G-III) 1121 C-Non issue of DC/ID/Others  
1122 C-Review of Disability percentage  
1123 Other Disability/Medical certificate related Issues/Meter.  
11 Loan (G-III) 1131 C-Denial of Loan  
1132 C-Others, Matters related to Extension of time for repayment/waiving off etc.  
12 Miscellaneous (G-III) 1141 C-Matters not covered above  
1143 C-Financial Assistance/Social Security  
1144 C-Non filing of FIR/Non Assistance/ Harassment by Police  
1146 Fraudulent availing of benefits meant for PwDs  
1147 Rehabilitation course  
13 Non-Specific 1150 C-Non Specific Complaint